Plaza Singapura Located at Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station

Plaza Singapura is shopping mall located along the Orchard Road in Singapore. The plaza Singapura mall is under the management of the capital Land and the ownership of Capital Mall Trust. The mall has its retail outlets in more than seven floors and two buildings below the ground level. Plaza Singapura has a 752 seven-storey carpark at the elevated building and two ground buildings for goods bay. The mall has products for children, young adults, teenagers and families.

Plaza Singapura Located at Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station

Plaza Singapura was opened for the first time in 1974, in 2012 the mall underwent renovation which comprehended the construction of the new wing which in turn increased the retail space by a percentage of twenty five. Plaza Singapura is among the oldest malls which are located along the Orchard Road.

Plaza Singapura History and Opening Date

The construction of Plaza Singapura was completed in the year 1974, the mall was designed by BEP Akitek Pte Limited, and after its completion it was realized to be one of the largest shopping malls in Singapore and South East Asia. At that time the major tenants were: Yaohan department store, Yaohan Best, Yamaha musical instrument show room and music school for electricians and music instruments when it was for the first time opened that was in 14 September 1974. Plaza Singapura’s management was then handed to DBS Land which was the forerunner of Capital Land. There existed three internal courtyards and an external forecourt that reduced noise of traffic and other economic activities outside. The mall was officially opened by the Minister of finance on August 16 1975, the Late Mr. Hon Sui Sei.

Plaza Singapura is one of the biggest shopping malls in Singapore that has a large number of different restaurants. There are also food delivery services for those who don’t like getting into traffic jams and passing through large crowds of people. These restaurants cover a diversity of fast foods, diners and snack bars.

Plaza Singapura Located Near to Handy Road Condo

At Plaza Singapura restaurants there is a space for every occasion: family diner, business meetings or even meals for lovers. Here is a list of the top restaurants in the Plaza Singapura: AROMA Gelato, Nanjing Impressions, Suki-Ya, Arteastiq Bistro & Bar, The Manhattan Fish Market and Nana’s Green Tea Cafe. The meals in these restaurants are made by expert cooks. Plaza Singapura is located near to Handy Road which the new development Haus on Handy is going to be located. The development is by City Developments Limited.

Amenities near to Plaza Singapura are resources and facilities available for continuous use or enjoyment. It provides that extra bit of convenience with or without charge. Some examples of amenities are schools, supermarkets, parks, libraries, clinics etc… Public amenities change the entire climate in real estate. Investors are more educated on amenities now. Staying close to amenities play a major role in choosing a property, for many reasons.

Pleasure and enjoyment Near to Plaza Singapura

Access to park or lake, contributes to enjoyment of residents. Quality of local infrastructure impacts your emotional well-being. You should be able to return to a home that takes off your day to day stress. Green amenities can turn your home into a personal haven. Low crime rate is also counted as an amenity, considering it promises a peaceful environment.

This mall deals with a wide variety of products, Plaza Singapura avails food and beverages through the restaurant, beauty and wellness products, electronic and technology services, fashion and hobbies & leisure facilities. Plaza Singapura is the place to be, the services offered in this mall will make want to come back always.

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