Real Estate Developments at Mount Sophia

Mount Sophia is located in District 9 and it has always seen many activities taking place there. The area has witnessed massive developments which have lured many investors to flock there to get a slice of the rapidly growing economy. With many developments occupying Mount Sophia area, the residents will have options to choose the development they are comfortable with depending on the facilities provided. The area has many amenities and shopping centers making it a better place to live with your loved ones.

Real Estate Developments at Mount Sophia

Mount Sophia Revitalization started when 8 @mount Sophia was launched by Fraser’s center point back in 2002. This site was sold on a lease of 99-year by Methodist church back in 2000 and was completed towards the end of 2007. It has over 300 units comprising studios as well as 3-bedroom apartments. Both big and small families can get a unit there.

There are many other development properties in this region which have world-class facilities suitable for residence. This development is suitable for investors as well as occupiers with schooling children. It’s proximity to elite schools make it ideal for parents with children in order to enable them to access education facilities without the need to travel long distances.

Residents Living at Mount Sophia

Residents residing in Mount Sophia will be the luckiest. Their children will attend the elite schools in Singapore. These schools offer quality education producing high-quality graduates ready to be assimilated in the industries.

In recent days, many property developers are investing in one and two bedrooms units in Mount Sophia area. This has attracted many investors aiming to buy these properties to rent them.
The uniqueness of the properties in Mount Sophia has played out. They have modern facilities offering mind-blowing entertainment to the residents.

Tourist and Foreigners Living at Mount Sophia

Most tourist and foreigners flocks this is due to its amenities. Mt Emily park plays a big role of attraction in this area. The existence of three MRT station within the area has made a convenient place. Getting in touch with MRT station you don’t have to travel much, it’s just a ten-minute walk and you land at the MRT station.

These stations have improved the number of people visiting the area to higher levels and this has facilitated and boosted the economic growth of the region.Mount Sophia is the real deal you can make if you move to the place. The place will offer you many shopping centers and many other amenities.

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